Energy in a Changing Climate

Chapter Titles
 Copyright © Martin Nicholson 2013
Part I About Electricity

1 What is Electricity?
2 Faraday’s Miracle
3 Poles and Wires
4 The Balancing Act
5 Dollars and Cents
6 The Carbon Challenge

Part II – Renewable Energy
7 Many Options
8 Nature’s Curse
9 Nature’s Saviours
10 Storing Electricity
11 Smoke and Mirrors

Part III – Clean Coal
12 Why Clean Coal?
13 Baseload Alternatives

Part IV – Fission Energy
14 Fission not Combustion
15 Safety First
16 More Smoke and Mirrors
17 Is Fission Really Necessary?
18 The Next Generation of Fission

Part V – The Melting Pot
19 Variable Loads are Here to Stay
20 Cost Matters
21 Distributed Generation and Storage
22 Smart Grids
23 Electric Transport
24 Summing It All Up
A Definition of Terms
B Power Generation and Network Control
C Wind Power
D Solar Power
E Energy Storage
F Carbon Capture and Storage
G Nuclear Power
H Electricity Costs and Markets
Appendices Titles