Energy in a Changing Climate

Any meaningful solution to climate change is going to mean significant changes in energy generation and usage. It is very important that we understand what these changes could mean for our economy and lifestyle before we rush in to solving the problem. Energy in a Changing Climate has been written to help the interested layman reader gain some of that understanding. The book was published by Rosenberg Publishing in February 2009.
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The Power Makers - the producers of our electricity - must meet the demands of their customers while also addressing the threat of climate change. There are widely differing views about solutions to electricity generation in an emission constrained world. Some see the problem as relatively straight forward, requiring deep cuts in emissions now by improving energy efficiency, energy conservation and using only renewable resources. Many electricity industry engineers and scientists see the problem as being much more involved.

The Power Makersí Challenge: and the need for Fission Energy looks at why using only conventional renewable energy sources is not quite as simple as it seems.
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Martin Nicholson was a guest speaker at the ATSE Conference: Nuclear Energy for Australia? 25-26 July 2013 click here